Fighting to Breathe

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The South Baltimore Community Land Trust is a cross neighborhood Community Land Trust which is building power to create development without displacement in Baltimore City. Residents directly impacted by the commercialization of homes and community are taking the lead on structuring a development process that creates a stable, healthy, beautiful and strong environment for all.

Zero waste work

Zero Waste has focused on transitioning away from our bury and burn model of eliminating trash and moving towards a more regenerative economy. Much of the zero waste work has focused on curbside composting-diverting food waste from the incineration waste stream and re-use facilities instead of landfills.

Residents and workers are leading the way towards a transition to zero waste with new infrastructure that regenerates our environment and local economies. Decades of extraction, wasting, burning and burying make this transition long overdue – now is the time. We have developed a framework to help guide and focus the diverse work needed to move closer to our shared vision.

  • Establish a “Just Transition for Zero Waste Fund” to develop new community-owned compost, recycling, deconstruction and reuse infrastructure
  • End subsidies for the incinerators and landfills we are transitioning away from
  • Build and strengthen local end markets for compost and recycled commodities
  • Establish protections for sanitation workers as we transition from outdated technologies to current approaches
  • Create relief funds for the communities that have hosted toxic waste infrastructure for decades